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Ewe Run We Run​ has come about due to our passion for all things trail running, especially running in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park where Tracey and I are lucky enough to live and work. For over 10 years we have both been running in and around the local area, both competing in both local races and just for the pure joy of it. Many times we have been asked to take friends with us on our running routes.  

Whenever we are away from home the first thing we do is to check maps of the local area for likely running routes.  This can be daunting when one does not know an area but also fun as new routes and places can be discovered.  

 Ewe Run We Run  Take away the problems of map reading with our guided tours of the local area.  These tours are are our way of sharing the countryside we love with visitors that may not have the chance to otherwise to experience the beauty of the North Yorkshire Moors.  

We offer a fully guided tours of local routes over a selection of terrains, with back up in case anyone wants to finish early or has enjoyed one too many of North Yorkshire culinary delights. 

Let  Ewe Run We Run take the strain you do not have to worry about taking a wrong turn or getting lost, we have a collection of routes to suit most people leaving you to enjoy being in the countryside, let the landscape take you away from the humdrum and leave you with memories you will never forget. 

Our tours are meant for those with an interest to explore and experience the moors and we aim for a more social speed with plenty of time to stop and take in the views, if you are after a personal best or expecting a race then this is not for you I am afraid.  If you are new to running, new to the moors or just have an urge to try new routes then this could be for you.

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